Welcome to St Dominic’s.St Dominic’s parish covers most of Waddon and some of Croydon and is in the Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark. We have a primary school which serves the families of our parish a well as the families of St Gertrude’s, South Croydon and Holy Family Sanderstead. We hope you find that this website gives you some information about our Catholic community and its activities as well as inviting you to visit and make yourself known.


The parish of St. Dominic’s in Waddon was very much the brainchild of one remarkable priest; the Rev. William Pritchard, parish priest of St. Gertrude’s, South Croydon, 1933 – 1955. Until 1921 the only two Catholic churches serving the whole of Croydon were St. Mary’s, West Croydon, which was founded in 1863 and St. Gertrude’s in 1903. Fr. Pritchard carried through an earlier idea that such a large area should be broken into smaller parochial units. So it was that Mass centres were formed in Selsdon (1921), Purley (1931), Waddon (1933) and Sanderstead (1942). In a very real way, St. Gertrude’s church is the ‘Mother Church’ of all the above.

Plans for the acquisition of a plot of land, for the future of our church, began in 1934 but were first of all delayed by planning difficulties and local objections and finally ‘put on hold’ by the advent of World War 2. At last in 1948 a nissen hut was erected and the satellite St. Dominic’s had a permanent home. The first Mass to be celebrated took place on the 19th. December of that year, the altar being situated where the statue of St. Dominic now stands. From this time on the numbers of people attending mass began to grow. In 1959 the Hierarchy decided that the congregation was strong enough to stand alone and so our parish was officially founded and Fr. Simes, a curate at St. Gertrude’s, became our first parish priest. The next priority was to build our own church and with tremendous enthusiasm our own parishioners and those of St. Gertrude’s plus, it should be remembered, many local non Catholic inhabitants of the area, the church was completed in two years and opened on 21st. August 1961. The debt for the church and the priest’s residence was paid off by 1970. A tremendous achievement!

After all these years the parish is still thriving and though a few years back we saw a dip in weekly Mass attendance, recent figures  show a rise to well over 500+ and still rising. Our parish priests during this period have been:-

Fr. Simes (RIP)1959 – 1966
Fr. J. Lennon1966 – 1973
Fr. D. Sheehy (RIP)1973 – 1983
Fr. J. Daly (RIP)1983 – 2001
Fr. I. Knowles2001 – 2005
Fr. P. de Freitas2005 – 2007
Fr. P. Cannon2007 – 2018

Fr. Saju, the present parish priest, joined us in August 2018 to build on the good work of his predecessors.


St Dominic’s takes the issue of Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults very seriously and stringently follows the measures instituted by the Diocese of Southwark.

The Archdiocese of Southwark is committed to the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults. The Diocese co-operates fully with the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service, which aims to help the Church become an example of best practice in the Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, and develop a “culture of vigilance” to ensure that children and vulnerable adults in our care are kept safe from harm.

If you have any questions about Safeguarding or are concerned about a child or adult at risk then please contact the Safeguarding Team below.

If you believe a child or adult at risk is in immediate danger then please contact the emergency services on 999.

St Dominic’s Safeguarding Officer


email: waddonsg1@safeguardrcaos.org.uk

Diocesan Safeguarding Team

Helen Sheppard 
Safeguarding Co-ordinator

Paul Czastka
Senior Administrator 

Tel: 020 7261 1606

Email: office@sgo-rcdsouthwark.org